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Horizontal Sliding Board In this system the boards slide on bearings in the tracks. The board at the back is fixed and the other board can slide from one end to the other. Porcelain Ceramic writing surface in white for drywipe markers or green for writing with chalk is available.
When the small boards are on the sides, the center can also be used for projection purpose. Alternatively an interactive board can be fitted in the center with two fixed writing boards on the sides. The front two sliding boards can cover the interactive board when not in use.
  • Board Size : 1200 x 3600 mm
  • Two sliding boards of size : 1200mm x 1200mm and one full       size fixed board at the back.
  • Motorised Dependent Procelain Ceramic White Up and Down Board for Writing with Dry Wipe Maker Pens
    (In mm Approx.)
    Art No AHSBC 120360 (1200 x 3600)
    Horizontal Sliding Procelain Ceramic Chalk Board for Writing with Chalk
    (In mm Approx.)
    Art No AHSBCC 120360 (1200 x 3600)
    Motorised Dependent Up & Down board
  • Aluminium sections are silver colour anodised.
  • Special request for champagne colour anodizing or powder       coating can be considered.
  • Other sizes and combinations as per request.
  • Fitting Instructions provided with assembly.
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