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Glossy Magnetic Glass Writing Board
  • Use Drywipe markers of good quality.
  • Beautifull smooth glossy glass surface.
  • Six colours extra clear glass for white and clear glass for other      colours.
  • Thickness 4mm for size upto 1200 X 2400.
  • Wipes easily - Surface remains clean always.
  • No Staining.
  • Special Magnets hold papers on the board.
  • Suitable pen tray order separately.
  • Fitting on the wall by concealed mounting (CM) or Stainless      steel glass clamps (GC).
  • Fitting instruction and hardware included with every board.
    Colours Glass Board
    Size of Glass Boards
    (MM) Approx
    Art No. Mounting
    450 X 600 AGBO4560 CM / GC
    600 X 900 AGBO6090 CM / GC
    900 X 1200 AGBO90120 CM / GC
    1200 X 1500 AGBO120150 GC
    1200 X 1800 AGBO120180 GC
    1200 X 2400 AGBO120240 GC
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